ShareUp #2 – Etch UK

29th September 2016



Following on from the success of the 1st ShareUp Soton, the 2nd ShareUp Soton lived up to the fun creative vibes! A couple of new faces, a couple of new ideas and a couple of drinks were the perfect combinations for a pool of creativity and discussions.

etch uk and shareup soton coaster

The 2nd ShareUp Soton was hosted by the lovely folks over at Etch UK, who were kind enough to put together a bar of refreshments for all attendees. After the attendees had finished catching up on the content they had created in the past month, we then moved on to a talk given once again by the co-organiser of ShareUp, Jack Davies.

Etch UK

Thank you again to Etch for helping us put on a great event!

Presentation – Imposter Syndrome

The 2nd ShareUp presentation was a follow-up on the previous presentation. The 1st presentation was to encourage everyone to recognise their creative potential and to take actions to produce something special. However, this presentation was looking at imposter syndrome and how it can have a negative effect on those who create content. After discussing what imposter syndrome is, a toolkit was provided in the presentation in the form of a 5 step process.

Download Powerpoint : shareup-presentation-2nd-meetup


To wrap things up, all attendees were paired up with another content ‘buddy’. Once paired, they made a commitment to create content. The content could be a small or big goal, as long as it was achievable by the next event and it was something they were interested in. It is encouraged that creators task themselves with something that they have been neglecting or have never experimented with before, but are interested in learning.

If you attended the ShareUp Event, you can find your commitment, as well as your buddy in the table below.

First NameSurnameTwitterFor next timeBuddy
JackDavieswhatjackhasmadeWebsite fully set up on DO with new content@newnab
NathanielTetleytetleyworkLinkedIn profile updated, Next shareup event arranged at CGConnor
TomFrametframeEffective ux teams within corporateRachel Heslop
AdamBurtNewnablast 3 stories edited and postedJack
StephenLonghurstlongsteveContiue live streams AND solicit some form of feedback
EddieRicheduardo_richWorkshop planjoelambert
PaulMcCaskiepaulmccaskieSlides will be ready on blog
martinreidmartingreidSummary of industry liason group or podcast
ConnorBanksbanks71more than 1 image in each category on photography blogNathaniel
JoeLambertjoelambertat least 2 "micro tips" blogged on rich
PeteHeslopPwhesloppwheslop.comsome content on site
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