ShareUp #3 – Southampton Solent University

24th November 2016


Rolling on from the success of the previous ShareUp event, our 3rd ShareUp event was hosted at Southampton Solent University.

Shareup #3 review

Our third Shareup event was hosted by Southampton Solent Uni, with yet another great selection of refreshments. The evening kicked off with the attendees casually catching up on their progress since the last meeting, with plenty of compliments being thrown around. This Shareup saw the presentation responsibility being lifted from Jack Davies, with two of our regular attendees stepping in to offer us some wisdom on the Plastic Brain, and top tips for writing. We closed off with a showcase of last month’s commitment achievements and partnering up and deciding on what we would be doing ready for the next Shareup. To see the commitments, check out the table below.

Southampton Solent University

Big thanks to Southampton Solent University for helping us out and hosting another great Shareup event!

Presentation 1 – The Plastic Brain

The first presentation of the evening was delivered to us by Nathan Tetley, a Solent Uni student, current Marketing Intern at Carswell Gould, and Shareup regular. Nathan gave us insight to the research CG had been doing into the Plastic Brain. Nathan shared with us about becoming the Buddah of blogs, how “inspiration is like poop” and some thoughts on inspiration they had received from some business heavyweights, such as Richard Branson and Duncan Bannatyne.

Presentation 2 – NANOWRIMO

The second presentation was given to us by another Shareup regular, Adam Burt, of Etch UK. Adam shared with us some top tips he had discovered through his novel writing and participation in NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month). Not only did Adam’s talk give the attendees useful tips, we were also given the opportunity to try some out using his “Foreword” in a 5 minute word sprint that refused to let you go back and make any edits to what you had written. As with Nathan’s talk, the attendees were treated to a host of helpful tips they can start to apply.


The evening closed off with a few showcases of last events commitments, and buddying up once more to make a commitment for the next event. We once again have a nice eclectic mix of content to expect at the next Shareup, which are very much looking forward to seeing.

If you attended the event you can see below yours and your buddy’s commitment, and if you didn’t attend, can just be nosy and see what were up to!

First NameSurnameTwitterBuddyCommitment
DanThomaswhatjackhasmadedannytWrite a blog post every day until Christmas
JackDaviesdannytwhatjackhasmadeMake 10 javascript codepens
EmmaBuddemmabuddpaulmccaskieSetup a marketing blog, january launch
AdamBurtnewnab_ryanparry_Publish ebook
StephenLonghurstlongsteveedoardorainoldi2 streams a week
martinreidMartinGreidtetleyworkGet 12-15 signups for setting a challenge
NathanTetleytetleyworkMartinGreid3 Blogs uploaded to CG website
PaulMcCaskiepaulmccaskieemmabudd1 livestream
RyanWhiteryan_white_22benjoy93Setup a new marketing blog/website, and create content
BenJoybenjoy93ryan_white_22To get a new website up and running
EdoardorainoldiedoardorainoldilongsteveWikipedia UI Redesign
RyanParry_ryanparry_newnabMake a podcast


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