ShareUp #4 – Etch UK

4th May 2017


As always we appreciate the local support for the event, and our friends at Etch UK were kind enough to provide a relaxed office space with a topped up bar. Without support from agencies like Etch we wouldn’t be able to exist, thank you again!


Ben Joy

Emma gave a great talk on what commitments you can make as part of attending ShareUp. She shared her previous experiences with making achievable commitments and making commitments which may have been overly optimistic. Her advice was great, and her series of tips should be helpful to those seasoned veterans of ShareUp and those who were making an attendance for the first time!

View Emma’s slides at the following link – Powerpoint Slides – Emma Budd – What should you commit to

Paul McCaskie

Paul’s talk focused on his previous commitment to start and record a podcast on video game music. He noticed there was a gap in the audio podcasts for a podcast that covered subjects that he is passionate about and what better way to fill the gap than to make his podcast? He gave the audience a breakdown of what he found difficult, how he went about tackling the issue and even gave us a quick play of his podcast. If you want to learn more about Paul’s commitment and check out his podcast, you can do at


First NameSurnameTwitterBuddyCommitment   
JackDavies@whatjackhasmade@tetleyworkDesign interface for 5 pages of new social media website (responsive)
EmmaBudd@emmabudd@martinGreid2 x marketing blog posts on Etch site
AdamBurt@newnab@timmy_drakePrologue and chapter 1 edited
KamilaMielczarek@Kahlan_88@adam_tomatUpdate on chilli contest
DanThomas@dannyt@sparklypips, John EayrsShooting gallery game
johneayrs-@dannytWill have at least 1 of the top sections on documented. Also at least some change on (check hashes)
BenJoy@benjoy@joeappleton18Record and publish at least one movie review podcast
PaulMcCaskie@paulmccaskie@andreablack2 episodes of game music gaiden
TimDrake@timmy_drake@newnabPost for Etch blog lessons learned from public speaking
AliLanning@sparklypips@dannytWill prepare a pitch to present at next event
martinreid@martinGreid@emmabudd3 x Adobe UX video tutorials on Solent screencast:
AdamTomat@adam_tomat@Kahlan_88 1 x bite-sized blog post
AndreaThomas@andreablack@paulmccaskieHave new scent of soap produced ready to go into shop
Joe Appleton@joeappleton18@benjoyShow a park run screengrab of 5k sub 21mins
NathanielTetley@tetleywork@whatjackhasmadePost about creating a brochure for upcoming apprentice scheme attendees
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