ShareUp #6 – Etch UK

13th July 2017


Our friends over at Etch UK have kindly provided us with the venue for ShareUp #6. We appreciate the local support and the engagement of companies who are willing to share their space in the name of content. If you would like to host a ShareUp at your office, please get in touch


Ali Lanning

Ali Lanning was kind enough to provide the ShareUp crew with a fun filled and creative pitch about “Lairytales”. Lairytales is a book that Ali Lanning has helped author and produced; the book aims to become a source of educational learning material for those between the ages of 3 to 8 years old.

The concept of the Lairytale characters is that of a naughty and playful group. The concept exists based on research that the Lairytales team had carried out, where they found that children would pay more attention and learn more from stories which included the odd few naughty words.

Not only has the concept of Lairytales been created into its first soon to be published book, but there are also forms of customizability available to children to create their Lairytale characters. Using a mobile phone application, children can create their characters and provide the option for parents to print out the custom books that include their creation!

I can safely say that we were all blown away and impressed and look forward to the first releases of books!


First NameSurnameTwitterBuddyCommitment
StephenLonghurstlongstevepaulmccaskie1 Stream and/or Video with co-writing a month
PaulMcCaskiepaulmccaskielongsteve2 Episodes of Game Music Gaiden
EmmaBuddemmabuddtetleyworkMarketing meet up landing page
RebeccaLoverebeccalove171cathy867Launch personal website
martinreidmartingreidbenjoy936 more Adobe XD screencasts
BenJoybenjoy93martingreidJack and BenJ will launch a new website
KamilaMielczarekKahllan_88BenjieFinish 2 blog posts
JackDavieswhatjackhasmadesparklypipsJack and BenJ will launch a new website
AdamBurtnewnabjemgillemPrologue and chapter 1 in audio form
NathanTetleytetleyworkemmabuddHave a part time marketing role for next year
AliLanningsparklypipswhatjackhasmadePractice elevator pitch
BenjieGillemBenjieKahllan_88Livestream 1 hour of coding
JemGillemjemgillemnewnab2 blog posts
CathyNewmancathy867rebeccalove171Create a blog and make 1 post
AdamTomatadamtomat-2 blog posts
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