ShareUp #7 – Etch UK

9th November 2017


Our friends over at Etch UK have kindly provided us with the venue for ShareUp #7. We appreciate the local support and the engagement of companies who are willing to share their space in the name of content. If you would like to host a ShareUp at your office, please get in touch or

We’re back everybody!

After an (unplanned) few months hiatus, we’re back and raring to go with another Shareup!

We’ll be back at our familiar venue at the Etch offices on the 9th November and would love for you to join us for another night of sharing your creation achievements, setting new goals, encouraging others, and a special guest speaker.

AMA with Paul Boag

This time around, we were treated to an open AMA session with industry legend Paul Boag. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Paul is a UX designer, consultant, public speaker, author and content creator.

Currently running Boagworks, whilst being a director for Smashing Mag and Headscape, Paul joined us and answered our questions on subjects such as content creation, self discipline, what UX really means and shared some great stories from his time in the industry.

It was great to have Paul with us, so a big thank you to him, seemed like everyone had a great time listening to what he had to say.


First NameSurnameTwitterBuddyCommitment
whatjackhasmadeFinish a course on Codecademy
SarahDickinsonsarahDDigitalBenJoy93Get out online more
MartinReidmartinGreidjoeappleton18 Learn to moonwalk
AliLanningsparklypips NewnabLearn about an effective email campaign
NathanielTetleytetleywork sliceofsunny Write a blog post
JackDavieswhatjackhasmadedenisecezaraWrite a post about ShareUp + put out 1 youtube video
AdamBurtNewnabsparklypipsPrepare a v2 of his barcamp talk to give at the next ShareUp
JoeAppletonjoeappleton18 martinGreidRun a sub 22 minute 5k
AmyGrinsteadsliceofsunnytetleyworkWrite a blog post + a content plan for herself
BenJoyBenJoy93sarahDDigitalPost 2 blogs on personal website
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