Help Host a ShareUp

Host a ShareUp Soton

If you are interested in hosting a ShareUp Soton event, then please contact

We’re relying on our friends at local digital agencies in the area to help out with venues to give folks an opportunity to experience different creative environments in the area. If your place of work would be up for sharing your venue for an event please let us know!

ShareUp is a real world meet up to make that same commitment to like-minded peers and support them with their own content creation goals. Each attendee’s commitment will be recorded and each attendee is randomly allocated a “buddy” whose content you will help by checking before they share it publicly. It’s opt-in pressure to keep content creation higher up your todo list.


  • Access from 6:30 – 10pm(ish)
  • Space for 20-30 people
  • Projector/Screen
  • Hosts will be credited on the website, communication emails, on social media and extensively on the night
  • Hosts are not permitted to present at their own venues but are welcome to talk at other venues (to avoid the event becoming too “salesy”). Talks must be focused on the content creation process (including promotion of) and be generally considered to be of value to attendees.
  • Catering of drinks and/or snacks is by no means expected (but is always appreciated)